Review: The Sins That Bind Us by Geneva Lee

Title: The Sins That Bind Us
Author: Geneva Lee
Rating: ★★★★☆
Genre: Contemporary Romance


I wasn’t given a choice. Not when I did my first line of cocaine. Not when I became a single mother. But I changed, and every decision I’ve made was to protect myself and my son from my weaknesses—and my past.

Until Jude came along and made me question everything, even my own secrets.

The sins I carry with me can never be discovered. Life handed me broken bits of people and left me to construct my own world, and it’s too fragile to take a chance on Jude Mercer.

We write our own stories. We build our own prisons.
We weave our own lies. We commit the sins that bind us.


I just finished reading this last night, and I have a huge book hangover. I’m still thinking about Jude!

This book couldn’t have been an easy topic to write, and for many I’m sure wouldn’t be easy to read on the subject. I felt the author did a wonderful job at portraying the emotions addicts go through. The daily life struggles, and so much more. This wasn’t just about being an addict, but trying to recover from horrible mistakes of their pasts, being a single mom, and doing the best she can day by day. All she wants is to provide for her son. Make sure her son has the life he deserves. She will do everything it takes to keep her son happy, even if she feels that means sacrificing herself to do so.

Jude moves in to town, and starts to show Faith she doesn’t have to be alone. And it’s okay to break some of her own rules, so she can find happiness, without having to sacrifice for her son. I found myself loving Jude’s character. He is so unique, and has a lot of special characteristics, that just drew me to him. I found myself wanting to know more about him through the story. I knew there was more than what was being told, and that is what hooked me.

The author told us a triumphant story, one filled with loss, drug abuse, love, friends, family, and so much more. I found myself sucked into the story and forgetting everything else going on around me. This is what I like. What I crave. When an author just draws me in and I can’t put down my reading device. I was so happy I read this. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend read. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5, is through the story, we got flash backs from present day to before. Which I love, usually, however; I found myself getting a little confused as to who’s POV it was being told when things were happening. Again this was only on the before part of the story, and didn’t stray me from loving this book. This is going in my top ten reads of 2016! HIGHLY RECOMMEND



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