Review: A Blue Tale by Sarah Dosher

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]Title: A Blue Tale
Author: Sarah Dosher
Rating: ★★★★☆
Genre: Rocker Romance


The rock legend’s daughter…
Eli Blue Savage doesn’t trust musicians, especially those that idolize her dad. Her heart’s been broken by everyone she’s ever loved. Fairytale dreams and the music she locks inside her heart are all that keep her alive.

The musician with a dark past…
Deacon Chastain plays a blue guitar to match his rock idol, the man that saved him from a path of destruction. His life revolves around music; it’s the only thing that saves him from the darkness.

Hearts beat to the same rhythm…
Broken and scarred by their pasts, can they find a way to heal and move forward? No matter the adversity, even the hardest of hearts can be softened by love – music is easy; life is hard.


I have had this book on my kindle forever. This last weekend, as I started scrolling through my kindle looking for something “older” I saw this one. So I started reading it.

I really enjoyed getting the dual POV’s out of this book. I think it gave me deeper insight to the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed Eli’s character. She was very relatable and easy to “get along with”. I found myself getting lost in the characters emotions.

I thoroughly enjoyed Deacon’s personality. I think probably the best part for me with him was he isn’t your typical screw anything rocker bad boy. He was more reserved and he clearly had his reasons. So when Eli came along and he couldn’t help but to be drawn to her, he really had no clue what to do about those emotions.

As things were unfolding in front of me. I for sure thought I had it figured out. I was already pointing fingers thinking how could they have done that. Which I was actually wrong. I seriously thought for sure this was going to unfold and be “predictable”. But it was not what I thought it was and kept me drawn in even more due to that.

I’d say if you like rocker romances grab this one. If you are looking for something a little different, with good connection between the hero and heroine, read this. Overall if you are looking for a good romance. Read this.




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