Look UP and LIVE

So last year there was an author event announced with TONS of my favorite authors who were going to be in attendance. I remember the week this was announced, I immediately messaged my friend. I told her “We have to go to this. I want to go so bad”. And so since it was announced, I had wished and hoped I somehow could find a way to go, although I knew it probably wouldn’t happen. I just don’t get to make author signings like I used to. So I came to terms with not going.

So let’s fast forward to this year. An opportunity came up with cheap flights for both myself and my friend to meet up. Not just us, but with our husbands also. This was kind of on a whim, last minute planning. But we made it happen, and we couldn’t have been more excited that it happened.

And so we spent our weekend in Denver, and it was AMAZING. I mean amazing! We had the time of our lives. It may have only been a 3 day weekend. But it is three days of my life I will NEVER forget. We had our weekend jam packed with fun.


When we got there on Friday we saw a Comedy show at a famous comedian night club. At which we proceeded to laugh our butts off. We ate at an amazing sushi place with some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Saturday we woke up and we went skydiving. We had both done it before, but knew we hadn’t experienced it until we did it in Denver. And the views were breathtaking (and no not breathtaking just because we were free falling to the ground going 130 mph). 😉 At 12,500’ we were in the clouds, we were above the mountains, we got to look down upon the mountains and look at everything going down. And the 5 minutes slowly falling to earth with that chute open, admiring those views, the clouds, the open space, layers of mountains. Mother Nature is pretty amazing if you think about it. On Sunday we went white water rafting through the Royal Gorge. I had never been white water rafting before, and I was highly excited to experience another thing for the first time ever. Again, being inside of the mountain going down the river, having to paddle your way through so you don’t fall out and tip your boat over, was an experience of a lifetime. There were times the river was calm and we could just sit in the boat and admire the views, the sights of the world and mountains around us.

Now, these were just the big activities we had planned. We did plenty more, we shopped, we talked, and we caught up on life. Being that we live over 1,000 miles apart, we don’t get to see one another very often.  Now you are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. Right? Like whoopee, she had a good weekend, she got to go with her friend and have the weekend of a lifetime. Way to rub it in. But there is a reason.

My reason for this post today is to tell you to look up and live life. When I got home on Monday, I realized, that author event I spoke about earlier, the one I so badly wanted to go to and meet some of my all-time favorite authors, was in the exact location we went and visited. I got home and was like, ‘What the? That event was this last weekend? I was there? And I didn’t go? So not fair.’ I wanted to go to that event so bad.

But you know what? Because I had an opportunity to spend the weekend with friends, all thoughts about the date of that signing went out of my mind, and all thoughts started going to how much fun we were going to have and all the events we could plan.

Take a moment everyone. Look up from your phones, your kindles, computers, whatever it is that has your attention. Yes, it feels great to read those books and meet our authors. The times I have gone to signings and met authors, I’ve loved it and I will forever cherish those books. But I got more that weekend. I made memories with my best friend that will be forever in my mind, and I am eternally grateful I was able to experience it with her.

If we would have gone to that signing, we probably wouldn’t have been able to go skydiving, and probably wouldn’t have gone to Dave and Busters and had the time of our lives beating each other at games, laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. I wouldn’t have the same memories and experiences that I do.

This is just a reminder, if you have a chance to go do something, do it. If your kid is trying to get your attention, pay attention to them and encourage them. Live life to the fullest every day. Smile, laugh, cry, and tell your family and friends you love them. Enjoy your books, get lost in those stories, in the characters, but remember your life doesn’t have to revolve around that! Take time to make yourself smile!!!!



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