Review: New Release: Summer Nights by J.M. Sevilla ~ ONLY 99 Pennies~


Title: Summer Nights
Rating: ★★★★★
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Hannah Malone grew up in an extremely conservative, faith-based household. Everything she wore and did was dictated for her. Though she was the perfect obedient child, inside she wanted more, with a hunger for life that had yet to be satisfied.

Daniel Shepard drank too much, smoked, slept around, swore like it’s a language all on its own, and fought whenever the feeling struck him.

Despite their vastly different lives, the two find each other and share a connection they both try to ignore. Until the day comes that they can’t fight it anymore…

Summer Nights is a forbidden love story about a girl who has never been allowed what she wants, until she makes a bold move and takes it; but with every decision, there are repercussions. Is Hannah willing to make the sacrifice? Some answers aren’t that simple; some answers have you choosing between the man you love and the family who will never allow the life you see with him.






Let Me tell you about this book!!! There aren’t even enough words…

I started this book before bed with every intention to just read a few chapters and put this down for bed so I could be clear headed for work. NOPE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.. I didn’t get to bed until 1 am and had to wake up in 4 hours for work. and it was worth every hour I lacked in sleep.

It has been a very VERY long time since I have been able to keep a book in front of me for more than a few chapters before bed. I have not had a book fully enthrall me like Summer Nights did in so very long. It felt AMAZING to finally catch a glimpse of what I’ve missed about reading all the time. This is a reminder to why I love the more “unknown” authors.

The story-line itself is just different. It isn’t your every day romance topic, it is just something that isn’t common and that is just another reason why I fell in love.

The character development and chemistry was off the charts. Daniel is untouchable for Hannah in more ways than one, and my heart broke for these characters.

Every single part about this book was great. I highly suggest taking the time to read this one. You won’t be let down!!!






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