Audible Contest: (Shameless plug lol)

So I did something completely out of my comfort zone! Like, I very highly dislike being in the public eye. Dislike ever being on video. But I took a leap!

I made a video! It’s so much easier to hide behind our computers, kindles, books and read.  But I put myself out there! #Audible is currently having a contest. Share a video for why you love Audible so much!

I used to be able to read and review about 5 books a week. Even with my full time job. Well life has taken over. We all know how this is. So, this is why I love Audible. I love that I can listen while walking my dog, working at my desk, and even while commuting. We’ve all been there. I love audible because I don’t have to stop my reading. I still get to live these many stories and picture them in my mind as the stories are being told.

Take a look at the AUDIBLE CONTEST HERE and vote for your favorite videos, and if you are so inclined vote for me 🙂 – Erica Duvall from Kansas – I shouldn’t be to hard too find!

Thanks for taking a minute to read this and 30 seconds to watch my short video!