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Welcome to my blog. I have been on Facebook much longer than I have had this blog. It had been a while since I’ve blogged and began missing it some. So I decided to start the blog to accommodate  my page.

Here I will post all my latest book reviews. Some old books and others new. Just all depending on what my mood is for reading.  I am currently not accepting arcs for review, as I want to just enjoy reading what I want and not being on a tight schedule.

I have a very open taste in genres. I read but not limited to; Contemporary Romance, NA, Paranormal, Suspense, Thrillers, and anything else that piques my interest.

As well as my latest book reviews, I’ll post some cover reveals, and blog tours, just not an overwhelming amount of them.

I also started a tab for what’s on my mind. On this I will post random thoughts. Some will be on the book community, others may be completely outside of that. Some of my interests include, Crossfit, healthy eating, self love, reading, and so much more. So if you do not care for what’s on my mind, just don’t open that tab 😉

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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