Audible Contest: (Shameless plug lol)

So I did something completely out of my comfort zone! Like, I very highly dislike being in the public eye. Dislike ever being on video. But I took a leap!

I made a video! It’s so much easier to hide behind our computers, kindles, books and read.  But I put myself out there! #Audible is currently having a contest. Share a video for why you love Audible so much!

I used to be able to read and review about 5 books a week. Even with my full time job. Well life has taken over. We all know how this is. So, this is why I love Audible. I love that I can listen while walking my dog, working at my desk, and even while commuting. We’ve all been there. I love audible because I don’t have to stop my reading. I still get to live these many stories and picture them in my mind as the stories are being told.

Take a look at the AUDIBLE CONTEST HERE and vote for your favorite videos, and if you are so inclined vote for me 🙂 – Erica Duvall from Kansas – I shouldn’t be to hard too find!

Thanks for taking a minute to read this and 30 seconds to watch my short video!

Look UP and LIVE

So last year there was an author event announced with TONS of my favorite authors who were going to be in attendance. I remember the week this was announced, I immediately messaged my friend. I told her “We have to go to this. I want to go so bad”. And so since it was announced, I had wished and hoped I somehow could find a way to go, although I knew it probably wouldn’t happen. I just don’t get to make author signings like I used to. So I came to terms with not going.

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Speaking out against Domestic Violence: This is my story

domesticDomestic Violence is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. Chances are you know someone that has been or currently is a victim to abuse, whether you know it or not.

Did you know statistics show 1 in 4 women will be abused at some point in their life? ONE IN FOUR! Such a big topic that so many people want to say they are against, and yet domestic abuse is not happening less, it’s happening more. And it needs to stop. More people need to speak out against it and know it isn’t their fault.

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Remembering Why We do this

BLOGGING USED TO BEI have been pondering on this subject for quite a while. I had decided to let it be and not to make a big deal over it. However when a friend/author was contacted today multiple times. I decided I need to speak my mind.

Back when I first started book blogging. It was a whole different world than it is now. Maybe, I got lucky, because when I started I had someone that was already deep in the book community more less take me under their wings and teach me how to fly, or blog, however you want to look at it!

I have a lot on my mind here, so I understand completely if I Loose your attention, but I’ll try not to.

If you are a blogger and you are in this only for FREE stuff, then do us all a favor and stop. you should be blogging for the love of books, not just to get your socks off with free crap. Cause someone has to pay for that so called free stuff you want. Blogging should be about so much more.

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